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athato brahma jijnasa - "Now one should inquire about Brahman - The absolute truth, the transcendental, spiritual nature". It is when we ask the relevant questions which relate to our true identity to pursue human life qualitatively.

Who am I? Where do I come from? What is suffering? Where am I going? Who is God and what is nature? What is my relation with God and Nature? Why do we follow certain rituals? Are there any scientific reasons behind it? Or are we blindly following just because we are being told to do as a follower of Hinduism?

‘Tadviddhi Pranipaatena Pariprashnena Sevaya,
Upadekshyanti Te Gnyanam Gnyaninastattwadarshinah’

(Gita chapter 4, v 34)

Pariprashna in Sanskrit means ‘Unceasing Quest’, unfolding perspectives and through this forum we have made an honest endeavor to collate and delve deep into the law and mysteries of Nature by raising penetrating questions at every step and approaching the subject of study from all possible view-points.

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Questions and Answers

Q. Why do we break coconut?

A.  We all have seen it being done in all the poojas and sacred ceremonies. Coconut is broken at the … read more

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Q. Who is the Founder of Hindu Religion?

A.  Normally a philosopher/prophet comes up with a system revolutionary or at least that did not exist … read more

In Hinduism

Q. How do Hindus view other religions?

A.  Hindus have welcomed, embraced and lived peacefully among other religions for centuries. During … read more

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Q. Why do many Hindus wear a dot (Tilaka) near the middle of their forehead?

A.  Tilaka is the mark worn on the forehead. It represents divine sight and shows that one is a Hindu. … read more

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Q. Why do Hindus light a lamp?

A.  Diya or a lamp signifies light. Light signifies knowledge. God is the eternal source of all … read more

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Q. What is Karma?

A.  As the soul moves from one body to another, it carries forward something along with it, which is … read more

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Q. What is Moksha?

A.  Moksha that translates into liberation, is the fourth and final goal of the lives in the … read more

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