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Q. Who is the Founder of Hindu Religion?

A.  Normally a philosopher/prophet comes up with a system revolutionary or at least that did not exist before. Accepting the new system, disciples and other people start following the religious system. And for the new religion that … read more

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Q. How do Hindus view other religions?

A.  Hindus have welcomed, embraced and lived peacefully among other religions for centuries. During those same centuries, Hinduism itself evolved into hundreds of strains, and thus Hindus are fully at home with many different traditions … read more

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Q. What is Dharma?

A.  My duty based on my age, caste, gender, occupation, relationships etc is Dharma. Word comes from “Dharan” to adopt or hold or live by. English equivalent “Dhere” (Adhere, adherents, generally of a religion). Anything … read more

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Q. What is OM?

A.  Before there was creation, there was emptiness but GOD was still there. OM symbolizes the first manifestation of GOD in the form of sound or vibration. It is the first Saguna manifestation of GOD. Saguna is the one that can be … read more

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Q. What is the status of Women in Hinduism?

A.  Hinduism that views God as both masculine and feminine (and neuter too), suggests the role of women hand in hand with her male counterpart. Femininity is worshiped in the forms of rivers, land, etc. Females have the right to perform … read more

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Q. What does Hinduism mean?

A.  Hinduism, the word having its roots in Indus (the river), refers to the religion and philosophies that were prospering in the land around and beyond the river Indus. Hinduism originally was spread throughout the world , but at some … read more

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