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Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Kansas City is proud to see community coming together to add Rajagopuram to Temple. This will give Temple a landmark identity and bound serve our future generation in understanding their heritage. This page will provide progress towards the project.

Scroll further to check on Rajagopuram expansion project updates.

  • Work in progress More idols  
  • Dwajasthamba sections and Door panels being made.
Date: 07/06/20

  •   Ground sodded with grass
Date: 06/11/20

  • Paint/Sealing/Striping work complete
Date: 06/11/20

  • Gopuram Kalasas ready.
  • More finishing work - Sprinklers restored and working
Date: 06/10/20    

  • Construction tasks almost complete and now has a better view.
  • Electrical work also getting to completion stage.
Date: 06/03/20


  •  Landscape and Lighting walls complete
Date: 05/26/20


  • Landscape walls and Light pole base setup work in progress
Date: 05/21/20

  •  Area around Rajagopuram getting more updates
  • Dwajastamba plantes are being made
  • Dwajastamba carving in the works.
Date: 05/10/20


  • Completed ADA ramp, Gopuram floor, Main door, Front pavement, Parking complete
  • Front landscape area in progress


Date: 05/07/20

  •  Front pavement getting ready
  • ADA ramp getting ready
Date: 05/02/20


  •  Finished Rajagopuram structure
  •  Courtyard pavement complete
Date: 04/25/20


  •  Final level completed, pavement inside and south complete, electrical work in progress
  • Door work in Progress
Date: 04/17/20

  • Additional levels of Rajagopuram progressing
  • Final level and concrete pavement (walking area) in progress
Date: 04/11/20

  • Rajagopuram getting levels and more sculptures in the works.
Date : 04/05/20

  • Sculptures being made
Date: 04/02/20

  •  Side wall getting finishing touches
Date: 03/12/20

  • First level roof completed
Date: 03/03/20

  • Rajagopuram level-1 roof to be poured
  • CMU wall on the East side to continue
  • Concrete paving to start inside Rajagopuram courtyard
  • Pour slab for flower beds
  • Dwajasthambam and Door work is in progress
  • Kumbhabishegam committee formed and conducting periodic meeting
  • Stapathi VISA process - USCIS is expected to conduct site visit in end of April
Date: 02/28/20


  • Rajagopuram footing to be poured tomorrow
  • CMU wall on the East side to continue
  • Back fill dirt
  • Pour slab for flower beds
  • Start Rajagopuram CMU wall
  • Dwajasthambam and Door work is in progress
  • Kumbhabishegam committee formed and conducted first meeting last week
Date: 02/20/2020


  •  Perimeter CMU walls in progress
  •  Helical piers are completed, ready to pour foundation
  •  PSI inspector on site as and when needed, reports are being reviewed by our architect
  •  Dwajasthambam footing completed
  •  CMU walls on the east will follow next week
  •  DFC has set up a spread sheet / calendar to show work progress and inspections dates.
  •  Kalasams are being ordered from Kumbhakonam, Tamil Nadu
  •  24 concrete idols to go on Rajagopuram is being made by our Stapathi Ravindran in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Date: 01/31/2020

  • CMU  wall work in progress
Date: 01/16/2020


  • Concrete walls being done today. Helical piers area to follow
  • We have a PSI inspector on site as that's being done today.
  • Scheduling the installation of three more helical piers and will have PSI on site during the install.
  • Crew coming in to start the CMU walls and
  • Randy will coordinate all inspections.
Date: 01/09/2020


  • Forming for wall, flagpole foundation, helical piers install in progress
Date: 01/08/2020


  • Foundation ready to install helical piers
  • Reinforcement rods being placed 
Date: 01/06/2020


  • CMU blocks arrived
  • Concrete being poured for Foundation footing
  •  Electricians will be working to set up all wiring in the coming weeks
  • Install of the Helical piers.
  • Installation of additional foundation walls in the coming week
  • Installation of CMU walls- to follow- depends on weather
  • Randy Cluck is the superintendent on site
Date: 12/27/2019


  • All iron work ready for pouring foundation


  • Drain pipe 50% complete
  • Iron work for wall footing in progress
  • Dwajasthambam excavation in progress
  • Ramp footing in progress
  • Electrical demolition completed


  • Construction work underway on footings, plumbing
  • Excavation for  footing and electrician will follow.
  • CMU walls should be starting in two weeks
  • Helical piers will be installed by Custom Concrete
  • Specs for piers - to follow
  • DF Constrution LLC has been given the construction contract for our project.


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