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Vahana Puja

List of Item for Vahana Puja
Please contact Panditji and/or Manager to schedule a puja

  1. Lemon or Lime 4
  2. Coconut 1
  3. Bananas 5
  4. Apples 2
  5. Priest Dakshina
  • This puja is only performed after the regular temple aarti each day.
  • If it is raining, snowing, or very low temperature (below 32 degrees) we can not perform this puja. Please schedule on a day with good weather.
  • After the puja, you have to remove/clean coconut and lemon pieces


  1. Suggested Donation $51 for Hindu Temple
  2. Suggested Dakshina $31 for Priest
  3. This puja can be performed every day but not during regular Aarti.
  4. In Extreme weather conditions (rain, snow or cold) we may not perform the Vahana Puja. Please schedule on a day with moderate weather.
  5. After Puja please do the following:
  • you are requested to place used puja items (pieces of lemon, coconut and/or fruits) in the basket placed near the Vahana Puja area.
  • Please do not leave any item unattended in parking lot before you drive away your vehicle.
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