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What we do?  


Why learn Hindi or any Native language?

Learning one's Native language and staying connected to Native culture and traditions is crucial

for encompassing personal identity, cultural preservation, and community cohesion.

Understanding and speaking one's Native language fosters a strong sense of identity and
belonging. It connects individuals to their ancestry, offering a profound understanding of their
heritage and roots. This connection can significantly enhance self-esteem and personal pride,
as individuals recognize their place within a rich historical and cultural tapestry.

Language is a vital vessel of cultural heritage. Learning Native languages ensures that the
culture, traditions, and knowledge passed down through generations and do not vanish. It keeps
the customs, rituals, and traditional practices alive for future generations to appreciate and

Language plays a fundamental role in uniting people. It strengthens community bonds, fostering
a sense of solidarity and mutual understanding.

Research indicates that bilingualism or multilingualism offers significant cognitive benefits.
Learning a Native language alongside other languages enhances cognitive flexibility,
problem-solving skills, and creativity. It also provides educational advantages, as students often
perform better academically when they are proficient in their Native language. Understanding
their Native language allows them to grasp complex concepts in their cultural context, bridging
the gap between traditional knowledge and modern education.

Finally, Learning the Native language enables individuals to participate fully in traditional
festivals and ceremonies, which are often conducted in the Native tongue. This participation
fosters a profound spiritual and emotional connection to their culture and the environment,
enriching their lives with meaning and purpose.

In conclusion, learning one's Native language and staying connected to Native culture and
traditions is essential for preserving identity, culture, and community. It provides personal,
cognitive, educational, and spiritual benefits, fostering a holistic sense of self and belonging. By
embracing their linguistic and cultural heritage, individuals not only honor their ancestors but
also ensure the vitality and continuity of their traditions for future generations.

Hindi class activities:-

Republic Day– Teach children that freedom does not come free. To appreciate the
sacrifices of freedom fighters and feel proud to be a free citizen in a democratic country.
Students showcase their acquisition of Hindi language by performing on the stage in
front of the audience.

Diwali & Holi- Teach children the real life meaning of these festivals and not to observe
any rituals without connecting its significance to the real world.

Passport To India- This is an annual event held in Nelson Atkins Museum. Hindi class
participate in writing names in Hindi for the guests. This has been a fun activity and
Hindi Class students have enjoyed showing their writing skills.

Annual Day- Celebration of the successful completion of one school year. Year 2025
will be our 20th Annual Day Celebration.


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