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Q. Why do Hindus light a lamp?

A.  Diya or a lamp signifies light. Light signifies knowledge. God is the eternal source of all knowledge. When we light a Diya or lamp we invoke God. Just as light removes darkness, knowledge removes ignorance. Why not light a bulb? … read more

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Q. God is Formless or with Form?

A.  Hindus do not worship a stone or metal “idol” as God. Followers of Hinduism worship God through the image. We invoke the presence of God from the higher, unseen worlds, into the image so that we can commune with Him and receive … read more

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Q. Why do Hindus worship the cow?

A.  Hindus don’t worship cows. We respect, honor and adore the cow. By honoring this gentle animal, who gives more than she takes, we honor all creatures. Cow was the most common domestic animal or pet in the Hindu society. Just … read more

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Q. Why do we do Pooja (Prayer)?

A.  Pooja is a ceremonial act of showing reverence to a God or Goddess through invocation, prayer, bhajan and ritual. We are trying to establish communion with God. Through this act of pooja we establish a direct contact with the deity … read more

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Q. Why are there so many Gods in Hinduism?

A.  Contrary to prevailing misconceptions, Hindus all worship a one Supreme Being, though by different names. This is because the peoples of India with different languages and cultures have understood the one God in their own distinct … read more

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Q. Why Hindus worship idols?

A.  According to Hinduism, Divinity can also be invoked and felt in a sacred fire, or in a tree, or in the enlightened person of a Satguru. In our temples, God is invoked in the sanctum by highly trained priests. Through the practice of … read more

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