Question and Answer

Q. Why Hindus worship idols?

A.  According to Hinduism, Divinity can also be invoked and felt in a sacred fire, or in a tree, or in the enlightened person of a Satguru. In our temples, God is invoked in the sanctum by highly trained priests. Through the practice of yoga, or meditation, we invoke God inside ourselves. Yoga means to yoke oneself to God within.

The image or icon of worship is a focus of prayers and devotions for Hindus.

Another way to explain icon worship is to acknowledge that Hindus believe God is everywhere, in all things, whether stone, wood, creatures or people. So, it is not surprising that they feel comfortable worshiping the Divine in His material manifestation.

The Hindu can see God in stone and water, fire, air and ether, and inside his own soul. According to Hinduism, the sight of the image enhances the devoteeā€™s worship.

Though the Supreme God is beyond a definite form with specifiable attributes, the Attribute less could be enjoyed only at a matured yogic state. For the benefit of the creatures the God appears in various forms for the matured visions. These splendid forms are easy to comprehend even for a layman. Apart from these Hindus worship the holy symbols like Shiva lingam those making ease in meditation and worship at the same time referring to God's formlessness. A carrier to move to the destination with ease.