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Q. Why do we break coconut?

A.  We all have seen it being done in all the poojas and sacred ceremonies. Coconut is broken at the inauguration of any project of significance. The following is the significance: Coconut represents our mind, thoughts, intellect … read more

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Q. Why do many Hindus wear a dot (Tilaka) near the middle of their forehead?

A.  Tilaka is the mark worn on the forehead. It represents divine sight and shows that one is a Hindu. In the spiritual sense it signifies third eye, the spiritual eye, while the other two eyes being the physical eyes. By wearing this … read more

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Q. What is Vibhuti?

A.  Vibhuti is the holy ash obtained from the Yajna (Yagna or Havan) fire. Sacred ash signifies that the body's origin is from dust and ash and to dust and ash it shall return. The ash is a marker of impermanence. Everything in the … read more

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Q. What is Namaste?

A.  This word is made up of two words: ‘Namah’ means bow, ‘te’ means to you. In a very basic sense it means I bow to you, as a sign of respect from one human being to another. In the Hindu spiritual sense it means I bow to … read more

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Q. Why do we use rice mixed with Kumkum (Red Powder) during pooja

A.  Rice represents prosperity and Kumkum represents divine energy. Mixed together they signify prosperity and divine blessings. When we apply those to the forehead or sprinkle them over the devotees, we are asking for divine blessings … read more

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Q. What is the Caste System?

A.  Caste, from the Portuguese casta, meaning “clan” or “lineage,”. Quite long ago the society was divided into four castes depending upon the nature of service they do so that they together make sure the smooth running of the … read more

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