Question and Answer

Q. What is the Caste System?

A.  Caste, from the Portuguese casta, meaning “clan” or “lineage,”. Quite long ago the society was divided into four castes depending upon the nature of service they do so that they together make sure the smooth running of the social system. It was like the operational divisions of organizations. These four castes: workers, business people, lawmakers/law enforcers and priests. were the four functional pillars on which the society was standing. In the course of time the caste started to get determined by birth and later some of these sections started considering themselves superior to others. This finally led to the cruelty and inhuman behaviors of untouchability etc. There has been time and again cautions from Hindu scholars against these inhuman behaviors. It is illegal in India to discriminate against, abuse or insult anyone on the basis of caste. Now this system is getting phased out and the Hindus should be soon out of the bad taste it left.