Friday 03 February 2023
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Job Opportunities

Hindu Temple of Kansas City and Cultural Center (HTCC)


Operations Manager - Job responsibilities


Mission Statement: 


Identify, plan and execute religious activities of HTCC Temple; preserve traditional values of our religions; and promote mutual respect and understanding for various religious traditions and beliefs of our diversified Indian community adhere to the HTCC By-Laws.


Roles and Responsibilities, but not limited to:

  • Implement and follow the HTCC By-Laws and general policies and procedures set forth by the Board Of Trustees (BOT) and Executive Committee (EC)
  • Responsible for maintaining general cleanliness and peaceful atmosphere in HTCC premises 
  • Prepare and maintain daily and weekly religious activity schedule and functions according to HTCC calendar 
  • Monitor and ensure timely performance of religious activities and functions per the temple calendar and event flier communications 
  • Plan and coordinate the preparation and distribution of HTCC Prasad for religious functions
  • Monitor and record the priests’ duties, schedule, fees, and facility rentals in the HTCC books
  • Management of the HTCC Gift shop, including the stocking of the supplies for sales and promotions. Design & procure merchandise for organization branding as necessary
  • Manage and maintain the Kiosks for sponsorships of archanas, abhishekam and various poojas offered by HTCC. 
  • Management of phone, audio and video display systems and phone messages. Create and maintain the automated voicemail system. Update the automated voicemail message with HTCC cultural center’s programs (including training of personnel renting facilities for private functions)
  • Manage temple HTCC rental reservations and arrange to oversee the event executions on the days of rental, before and after arrangements of rentals
  • Maintain First aid kit, emergency contact list, evacuation plan per HTCC temple operations manual.
  • General maintenance of HTCC buildings, parking area,  landscape and lawn care, scheduling of cleaning crew and HTCC owned properties such as house, garage and yard utilizing various contractors and associated contracts
  • Coordinate Kitchen and Prasad department, paper and restroom supplies planning, stocking and monitoring of various supplies need for the HTCC in conjunction with the EC and subcommittees
  • Coordinate with EC in planning and execution fundraising programs / events
  • Maintain and update the list of HTCC membership levels including Trustees, Patrons, Life members as well as Annual members. 
  • Maintain a list of corporations that have matching programs, manage matching contribution programs, forms of companies that match and communicate with devotees to ensure matching.
  • Maintain and report priests relations, grievances, and Public relations per the guidance of BOT and EC in a timely manner
  • Maintain the temple operations which will not interfere with the activities of various religious committees and HTCC temple pre-planned events and activities.
  • Routine maintenance of HTCC website and signage.
  • Host and provide tours to schools, churches, and other such requests per EC guidelines


Interested to apply, Please send your resume to


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